Foxcroft Housing

foxcroft utilizes one hall to house all of its approximate 160 students. boys live in a 4-story dorimitory, with freshman on the first floor, sophomores on the second, juniors on the third and seniors on the fourth. each floor has their own public restrooms and showers, study lounges, as well as entertainment lounge where students can enjoy vending machines, a shared television and gaming consoles and plenty of seating.

boys will share their suite with one other student. each student is provided their own bed, desk, dresser, closet and window. there is a shared bathroom within each suite as well as a kitchenette which includes a mini fridge, a sink, counter space and an area for hot plates or microwaves. no pets allowed.

the cafeteria, library, counseling center, computer labs and tutoring center are all located in another building.

dorm assignments
Merit Hall
ROOM 401 Ezra Yates Gage Dahley
ROOM 402 Matthew Spriggs Eagle Matheson
ROOM 403 Daniel Villatoro Ishmael Carvalho
ROOM 404 Benjamin Duked Javid Tirmizi
ROOM 405 Connor Duarte Eli Everage
ROOM 406 Harrison Newell Holden Davenport
ROOM 407 Tristan Magallanes (student)
ROOM 408 Asa Serio Ellis Lacey